a professional medical writer and editor and an experienced Japanese to English translator.

This website provides more details on the services I provide.

My logo is an original 'tegata' handprint by the sumo wrestler Takahanada signed with both his name (in Kanji characters on the right) and my name (in katakana syllabic writing on the left). The tegata was made for me in 1991. Takahanada changed his fighting name to Takanohana (after his father's wrestling name) when he reached the ozeki rank in 1993. In November 1994, he was promoted to the highest rank of yokozuna - the third youngest wrestler to do so. To make a tegata, a sumo wrestler taps his hand in red ink and then puts his handprint on a 'shikishi' (the standard white paper used for autographs). He then later signs his name with a brush pen in black ink.

Use of this logo does not imply any connection with, or endorsement of my services by, the sumo wrestler Takanohana.

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